I’ve not been everywhere, but it’s on my list

One thing I want to do more this year is travel, visit new places and explore the world. I’m unsure if I will have time with uni and work commitments but fingers crossed I can pin some more places off on my map (here’s a link to the pin board)! My boyfriend and I have said that we want to do more weekend breaks to cities this year as well as a relaxing beach holiday but we will see where the year takes us!


These aren’t in any particular order but I hope I can visit all these places this year!


This is a given place I will be visiting this year as my uni field trip is to Naples, to visit Mount Veuvuis and Campi Flegrei. I am SO excited to visit 2 more volcanoes and add them to my list and more importantly, I cannot wait to eat all of the pasta, pizza and ice cream


I am dying to visit Paris this year. I last went in year 8 at school which was 10 years ago now and I just want to go back. I loved the city and I’m a massive Disney lover is Disneyland is also top of my list. And it’s the city of love you know, cough cough


Iceland featured on my dream destinations post (you can read it here) and after my best friend went at the end of last year and seeing her photos, I just want to go. Mainly to visit the volcanoes but also for the architecture, the Blue Lagoon and the northern lights

America/Mexico/Caribbean – somewhere hot and relaxing!

My boyfriend and I are currently saving (trying too anyway) to go on a big holiday in October as our work schedules, my dissertation. weddings and life, means we can’t actually go away for a holiday together until October. I’m not complaining as I love me some winter sun and it will be our 4-year anniversary so will be amazing to celebrate it abroad. We haven’t decided where we are going yet and with it being hurricane season (yay!) we are weighing up the ideas. Currently it’s a toss-up between Mexico, Orlando, LA and Cuba. Where shall we go?

UK Cities

We live in a beautiful country with so many different cities and towns to explore, I’m kind of annoyed that I haven’t visited some places yet. I would love to visit more UK cities and see what is actually on our doorstep!

Where would you like to visit this year?

Speak soon!

Liz x

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Hello 2018…

Welcome back to my blog! I had to take time off (unintentionally) and spent the last month or so wondering if blogging is for me as well as having the flu for 2 weeks, 2 major exams to revise for and Christmas. It all seems so long ago now but I’m back, I’m going to blog and I’m sorry for there not being any posts. Here goes my first post of 2018…

I don’t really like making new year’s resolutions as I never stick to them and just feel deflated. For this year I have decided to make attainable goals that I know I will stick too, hope to achieve and that I don’t feel too much pressure on (that’s a lie, there is loads of pressure but you get me).

Goal Number 1 (‘The Main one’) – PASS MY MASTERS DEGREE.

This has been hands down the hardest thing I’ve ever done – even harder than moving away, and I am determined to pass the degree. As I said earlier on in the post, I had 2 exams last week and the exams did not go as well as I wanted so now, in my second term, I’m making changes and giving it 120%. I hand my dissertation in in September so I should know by October my results and I’ve got everything crossed.

Goal Number 2 (The Generic One) – BE HAPPIER WITH MYSELF

I think everyone makes this goal every year but after a pretty poor couple of years, I’m going to try to be happier with myself, my decisions and my life. I have quite low confidence in myself but I’m trying to change that and believe in myself.

Goal Number 3 (The One I Should’ve Done 6 Years Ago) – PASS MY DRIVING TEST

I turn 23 this year and I will not go another year without being able to drive. Each year I leave it, I get more and more anxious about it so I need to throw myself into lessons and pass. Plus it will help when I get a job in my field so its kind of a necessity.

Goal Number 4 (The Possible One) – TRAVEL MORE

I have post coming soon about the places that I would like to visit this year and I’m determined to try to visit more places, whether thats in the UK or abroad, I just want explore the world. Fingers crossed I’ll be able to get a job where I can travel too! My scratch map is looking rather bare!

So thats my four attainable, realistic goals for 2018 and I hope I can write a post in a years time and say yes, I achieved them and more. After a poor couple of weeks to start 2018, I need to make this the year I achieve my goals.

Do you have any goals for the year?

Speak soon,

Liz x

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Supporting Small Businesses | 12 Days of Blogmas

I was kindly sent these prints by Jamie Jones after The Blogger Crowd got in contact with me. I was so happy to have been chosen to be sent some of Jamie’s work and after checking his art out, I knew I would love it.


Jamie is a student who has recently graduated from college where he studied A-level Art and Design. He has used watercolour and biro before but now, he creates his designs using technical pen and the attention to detail and intricacy of his work is just incredible. I was sent an A4 print of Kos Harbour with Yachts and an A5 Orange Botanical (Citrus Reticulata) print.

As you can see, the prints are of outstanding quality and when I told my partner that I was being sent these he was so happy as he wants some more artwork for the flat and we can’t wait to hang them – not that I know where they are going yet! All of his work is amazing and well priced – A5 prints are £4 and A4 prints are £5 so are perfect gift ideas that will not break the bank.


The prints arrived well packaged and were delivered really quickly so thank you for the quick turnaround! Jamie is also active on his social medias (links below) and is always happy to help with any questions you might have about the prints he sells.

Jamie has also very kindly given me a discount code for all you lovely readers of mine to use when shopping on his ETSY store here.


Terms & Conditions:

  • expires on 31st March 2018 at 23.59
  • no minimum spend required
  • valid on all items except sale
  • can be used on multiple orders

As Christmas is just around the corner, why not have a look at smaller, independent businesses for present ideas as they are something a bit more personal. Some of my favourites are:

Jemma – For all your paintings, illustrations, stationary and everything inbetween, Jemma’s Etsy store has it covered.

DotCreates – This is where you will find everything any stationary lover needs! Check out their website here.

Mia Felce  – I’ve followed Mia for a while and always love what she creates – she’s also from Northampton so always good to support your local business! Her website can be found here.

Moonlight Melts – Perfect for the wax melt lover in your life. I cannot wait to get my hands on some of these in the new year and every review I’ve read, they sound incredible. Have a look on their website here.

and of course, Jamie.

What small businesses will you be supporting over the Christmas period?

Liz x

*these products were kindly sent to me for review by Jamie and The Blogger Crowd, all links are below


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Christmas Decoration Wishlist | Day 1

Hello everyone and welcome to my crazy idea of ‘blogmas’! Now I’m not doing blogmas as such as I do not have the time but I’m gonna (hopefully) be posting twice a week with Christmas content and then from the 18th – everyday will be Christmassy! Let’s hope I can pull it off and here is my first post.. a Christmas decorations wishlist!

*all pictures are from websites that I have linked* 

First up, I love Christmas. As soon as Halloween (which I don’t like) is over BAM I am in the Christmas spirt so I have been dying to put up our tree and decs! As this goes live we will be decorating our flat! Here’s a picture of our tree from last year in our old flat and I’m excited to buy some more decorations and lights and make everything so cosy!

First up on my Christmas decor wishlist is this bedding set. I love buying new bedding and all of the Christmassy ones are so cute! I saw this and was like yes, I need it! Asda have some amazing bedding in for the Christmas season and they are so affordable and wash well! I need this!

ASDA Bedding

Next, is this adorable cushion which kinda goes with the bedding but even if it doesn’t it’s so cute and glittery! My boyfriend’s favourite animal is a penguin and considering our flat is full of elephants, a change at Christmas might be good!

Screen Shot 2017-11-28 at 16.50.03
ASDA Cushion

I then ventured onto the Primark website and couldn’t find what I was looking for! But I know they have a really cute gingerbread mug and some tree decorations that I would love to buy! I did however, come across these reindeer lights and thought they were ADORABLE! We have some snowflake ones from last year and you can never have too many fairy lights can you?!

Primark Lights

I know for sure that I will head into Primark and find so much more than what is on their website so there may be a haul coming.. especially as I can head to Oxford Street Primark…

I then found all these tree decorations on the Wilko website and all for around the £1 mark – perfect! I will be buying so many more as there were loads on the website.. I’m so excited. Wilko are great for everything christmassy – decorations, wrapping, gifts there is so much in there!

Wilko Tree Decorations

So that’s all for my wishlist but I know there will be loads more items that I want to get that I will see as I am shopping. Decorating is one of the best things about December and Christmas, I can’t wait to put on Christmas songs and make our place look so cosy.

When are you putting up your decorations or have you already put them up?

Liz x

Eyeshadow Collection

Whilst I do not class myself as a beauty blogger (or even any good at make up tbh), my eyeshadow palette collection is something that I am most proud of. I have purchased some of these palettes myself but I’ve also been lucky enough to receive some as presents at Christmas/birthdays. You will be able to see a theme – warm tones and hues as that is what I am drawn too and suits my complexion and eye colour. So lets get right into my palettes…

My palettes live in a drawer in my Alex 5 drawers (see makeup storage post) and I have an acrylic tray for them from amazon. It is meant to have dividers in for the palettes to stand up in but I had too many so I took them out and now its a good box for them to be held in!

I have some single eyeshadows from Kiko, MAC and my small Fleur de Force quad in the second acrylic divider which is handy for single eyeshadows.

  • PS Eye Candy

Now I bought this in the summer as I thought I’d like it but I haven’t actually used it at all. I think it’s the wrong tones for me but I need to have a go at it. Bit of an unnecessary purchase but oh well.


  • Makeup Revolution Fortune Favours the Brave

I used to use this palette all the time when I first got it! It’s a typical makeup revolution palette with good pigmentation, easy to blend and great colour range! I need to use this more and the fact it comes with a mirror is even better!

  • Makeup Revolution Flawless (left) and Makeup Revolution Flawless Matte (Right) [also pictured are Kiko singles]

I’ve barely touched these – and looking at them, I don’t know why! I need to stop buying more palettes and use these!

  • SophDoesNailsxMakeup Revolution

This. This. This. This palette is the most amazing thing in the world! The colours are to die for, so autumnal and they blend like a dream! This is a palette that loads of looks can be created from so is perfect for travelling! The big mirror is so handy and i think is an essential in eye palettes. Well done Soph, one of my new faves!


  • Kat Von D Shade n Light

I bought this when Kat Von D first came to the UK with some money I got for my birthday and I have barely touched it (as you can see) and I’m debating what to do with it. I wish I bought the contour palette as opposed to the eye palette but I still like the shades.

  • Illamasqua Rose Gold

I had been eyeing up this palette for ages and I decided to put it on my 21st birthday list not expecting to get it and my Auntie got it for me. I think this is now discontinued so I rarely use it as I don’t want it to run out! But the times that I have used it I was in love. The colours are gorgeous and they blend beautifully.


  • Zoeva Cocoa Blend

HOLY GRAIL. If you don’t have this palette in your collection, buy it NOW! I cannot live without this palette – I wear it every time I go for an eyeshadow look and even when I say I’ll do a different look, I always go back to this. The pigmentation, blending, shade range, price and size of the palette is just heavenly. I love it. The only downside is that there isn’t a mirror but this is minor compared to everything else.


  • TooFaced Chocolate Bar

I spontaneously bought this (as always) when I was in Poland last year as it worked our cheaper than if I bought it here and I love it. The smell is just perfect, colours are beautiful but since I’ve got the Zoeva palette, I don’t use this one as much but it is still one of my top 3.


  • Urban Decay Ultimate Matte Basics

This was again an unnecessary purchase (common theme huh?) but it’s the best unnecessary purchase ever. I LOVE the shades, the packaging, the mirror and it’s great. I love using this palette just to deepen the crease when I’m wearing liner and no eyeshadow and I also use the brown shades for my brows. Heaven.

  • MAC Burgundy x 9

I have been eyeing this palette up for a while and for my birthday last year, I got a MAC voucher from my brother-in-law and I knew straight away that I was buying this. In all honesty, I’m kind of disappointed in the quality of these shadows for saying there are MAC as the pigmentation isn’t the best but the colours are still beautiful and with a bit of hard work, you can get a decent eye look.


  • Morphe 35K Koffee

I nearly cried when I opened my present from my best friend last year and I opened this. I was DYING to try a Morphe palette and they do not disappoint! I love the shade range, the pigmentation, the number of shadows you get in one palette and the price make it key in my collection. I can’t wait to buy more and I am desperate for the Jaclyn Hill x Morphe palette… Santa, please?!


So that’s my collection and I have some more makeup revolution palettes that I got in the advent calendars and bought myself.

Thanks for reading! See you soon

Liz x

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Makeup Storage

I’ve been wanting to share this with you all for so long as my vanity and make up, is my baby. I decided to wait until we moved and it looks so much better in the new flat! So let’s get started… here is my vanity area.



I have the ALEX ELKBY shelf from IKEA and a set of ALEX 5 drawers underneath that make up my vanity (ignore the 2-drawer bedside table, that’s only got my boyfriend’s underwear in!)


The shelf is a great idea for a vanity as it has 2 drawers underneath it with storage which is always helpful. On top, I have my large mirror I think this was from Home Bargains but about 4 years ago now. My small round light up mirror, make up brush holder, lipstick holder and the storage on the right-hand side are all from amazon – amazon have great acrylic drawers and storage etc. The photo of my dog is one I’ve had since we first had her 12 years ago and I haven’t changed the frame or anything – it means too much! The Body Shop tea tree serum in front of my makeup brushes is incredible for when I’m having a breakout!


Also on top, I have all my Victoria Secret body sprays which are my favourite – I don’t use anything else, my perfume and my jewellery. Can’t forget my Kylie Cosmetics note.. I’ll treasure that forever!


The right-hand side drawer is where I keep my every day essential makeup. Both of the inserts are from IKEA with the larger one containing my everyday makeup. Other smaller items that I don’t necessarily use are in the drawer and the small storage contains all my Benefit mini’s.

The left-hand side drawer contains my every day skincare (I like Simple, can you tell?!), some jewellery and a pot full of tweezers/nail clippers etc!



In the top drawer of the Alex 5 drawer I have loads of random bits of skincare that I used to get from Birchbox and just generally a load of crap that looked too ugly to take a picture of. The second drawer contains all my hair stuff so dry shampoo, hair bobbles, grips and my all-in-one spray (which fyi, is my all-time favourite hair product) and this drawer was also too messy/full of rubbish to take a good photo. The third drawer is my favourite drawer… Eyeshadow!! The storage is again from Amazon and I love it! It’s so handy. There will be another post next week on my eyeshadow palette collection so keep your eyes peeled! The fourth drawer contains my jewellry boxes and also my GHDs and curlers (also not worth taking a picture of!) The fifth and final drawer is very boring and contains spares of products and tampons/pads.


So that’s my makeup storage/vanity area! I love this part of our room as its just my little world of happiness. As I said earlier, there will be a post on my eyeshadow collection next week so keep an eye out for that.

Thanks for reading!

Liz x

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How to cope with being Bullied Online

This week is anti-bullying week so I’m posting this to help raise awareness. More things need to be done to tackle the issue of bullying and people need to speak up more about being bullied. I hope that one day I can share my story with you all.

I don’t really know how I’m writing this as when I was bullied online I did not cope very well. I looked like I did from the outside but in reality, the harsh words and criticisms have stayed with me ever since. I suppose I’m lucky in the fact that the bullying has stopped because circumstances have changed but here’s my advice to anyone who is being bullied online.

Do not retaliate.

As hard as it is to not tweet them something equally as horrible back because it hurt you, don’t do it. When I wanted to tweet back I used to write the tweet and then save it in my drafts as it was off my chest and that helped.

Report the account/messages/tweets.

Something I found useful (to an extent) was to report the specific account and tweets that were aimed at me. My friends used to also report them for harassment as that’s what it is and not that twitter was much help (there was no key evidence that tweet was about me so there’s nothing that twitter could do). Don’t let that stop you reporting every single thing they do. And if reporting it to twitter doesn’t do anything and you still believe it to be case go to the police. I nearly did go to the police but I was too scared as to what they would do that I didn’t. Don’t do a me, report it and get this looked into as it is a crime.

Block/mute the bully

In hindsight, I should’ve blocked the person and all the others involved straight away as it probably wouldn’t have gotten this far but I chose not to. I didn’t want to look like I cared about it when I did as it hurt. If you block the person online then it stops them from looking at your profiles – whilst this doesn’t stop them saying stuff about you it will also help you in not seeing what they are writing.

Bullying helplines:

National Bullying helpline – http://www.nationalbullyinghelpline.co.uk 0845 22 55787

Bullying UK – http://www.bullying.co.uk 0808 800 2222

NSPCC – https://www.nspcc.org.uk/preventing-abuse/child-abuse-and-neglect/bullying-and-cyberbullying/ 0808 800 5000

I hope this has helped someone whether they have reported the issue or got help from the advice helplines.

Please don’t suffer in silence like I did, it ruins your life.

I’m always available to chat and help in any way on my social medias, click the link below and I’ll do my best to help.

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