An Introduction to – Volcanoes

Hello everybody! As some of you may know, I used to blog about natural hazards and science (hence the name) until I went to uni and never had the time to focus on making informative blog posts (you can read that post here). I have since finished uni and have decided to blog about hazards … Continue reading An Introduction to – Volcanoes


43 Books…

Hey lovelies, I was sitting down a few weeks ago thinking about what books I’ve read in the past and what books I have never read in my life. One of the main series of books I’ve never read is the Harry Potter books and I know, you can curse me all you want (I … Continue reading 43 Books…

Life Regrets

Regret is quite a strong word but I feel it’s natural to regret some things in life. What I’m going to talk about is mainly things I would do differently if I had the chance to do them again but as I won’t, they are a regret. I thankfully don't look at them in a … Continue reading Life Regrets