Dream Desitinations

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I have so many dream destinations.. from white sandy beaches to historic cities and towns around the world, I’m very open to having different holidays. From exploring cities and cultures, an adventure holiday or a relaxing beach holiday, I’m up for it either in the UK or out of it (I prefer out but hey, that just me!). Trying to narrow down this very long list was so hard as I would love to visit every country, island and beach that the world has to offer but we all know that’s not going to happen!

At the top of my list is probably the Maldives (but it was a hard choice) for obvious reasons. Pictures of the Maldives show that it is a beautiful location on Earth with the white sandy beaches, the clear blue seas and the wildlife that is there makes it looks incredible. I hope that I do get to visit these beautiful islands before they disappear with the rising tides and it would be top of my honeymoon list.

Next, I would love to visit New York especially at Christmas. Whilst the city looks like such a buzz and an incredible place to visit, there’s something about seeing the Rockerfeller Centre Christmas tree and going ice skating in Central Park that makes me want to go more at Christmas. There’s plenty of places I want to visit whilst there – Central Park, the Statue of Liberty, Ground Zero and that’s before I add the list of shops! Fingers crossed I get the oppurtunity to visit soon.

Somewhere closer to home that is high on my dream destination list is Iceland. The obvious reason as to why I want to visit Iceland is the volcanoes that make up this incredible island but also the glaciers, waterfalls and of course, the Blue Lagoon. The only downside for me is its very cold there – Liz and the cold do not go well together!

Even though I’ve already visited Disneyworld Florida when I was younger I would love to go back again! America is one of my favourite countries on the planet and Orlando is a city of dreams! DisneyLand, Universal Studios and a city?! What more could a girl want! I am dying to visit Universal’s new water park, Volcano Bay (I wonder why…) and this is the main reason why it is on my dream destinations list. We’re hoping to go next year so we’ll have to wait and see.

How could I write this post without including the beautiful islands of Bali, Indonesia? I would do anything to visit the islands, see the white beaches, walk around the rainforests seeing the wildlife and exploring the volcanoes that created this beautiful tropical paradise. There’s a couple on the islands that are constantly erupting and you can climb up them and this is on my bucket list. One day Liz, one day..

And finally on my list is South Africa. It has everything from beautiful beaches and cities to mountains and safari parks so who wouldn’t want to visit here?!? I always knew that I wanted to visit this country but when Fleur DeForce vlogged her trip there back in February, it sealed the deal of being an absolute must visit place on my dream destination list.

What’s your dream destinations around the world?


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3 thoughts on “Dream Desitinations

  1. pearl0fthesea says:

    Iceland isn’t really all that cold… during the winter, New York has been known to get colder than Iceland. Where did your fascination for volcanoes come from haha? I’d love to go to all of them places, plus Thailand and Australia and Canada and Norway and Switzerland I’ll stop there because I could probably be here until this evening 😂 x

    Liked by 1 person

    • Liz Brannan says:

      I know! Erm I visited Lanzarote and Tenerife when I was younger and it’s been ever since! (I have a post on it haha) that’s the same with me, I’ll have a small list and then keep adding and next thing you know the whole world is on there 😂xx

      Liked by 1 person

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