Favourite Books and Authors

I love to read. Granted, I don’t read as much as I used to but there is nothing better than getting stuck in a good book! The main place that I tend to read now is when I’m on the train heading back to my family home. I’ve even nearly missed my stop once because I was too into my book! I would say that I enjoy reading romance/chick lit mainly as there’s something so good reading about two people who fall in love.. makes my heart melt! So I’ve managed to raid my bookshelf at home but if I went back to my bedroom from when I lived at my Mum’s, I’m 100% sure this post would be 10 times longer!!

Lindsey Kelk – I Heart series. 

These books are my all time favourite books ever. I buy the new release as soon as it hits the shelf and you can guarantee I’ll be calling my mum up to have a good gossip about these books! There are 6 books in the series with a 7th due out soon (I CANNOT WAIT!) which all follow a girl who leaves her life in the UK behind after heartbreak. If you are heartbroken and need a pick me up these books are 100% what you need to read right now! The book titles are:

  • I Heart New York
  • I Heart Hollywood
  • I Heart Paris
  • I Heart Vegas
  • I Heart London
  • I Heart Christmas
  • I Heart Forever (coming in September)

Writing this post is making me want to go pick up her books and read them all over again, they are honestly incredible and an easy read that will have you laughing, crying and wishing you were part of it. I also have read all her other books that aren’t in the ‘I Heart series’ and again, I love them.

Cecelia Ahern – PS I Love you.

Who doesn’t love this book?! I cried on the first page when I read this book in an English lesson at school and ever since, I’ve been addicted to books written by Cecelia. PS I love you is a story about a dying husband who leaves his wife notes to open once he’s passed full of tears, laughter, happiness and life after death. I’ve read this book so many time and I never get bored! Gotta be one of my all time faves!

Side note – I’ve also read all of Cecelia’s books she’s released and they are all amazing reads that grip you from start to finish!

Zoe Sugg (Zoella) – Girl Online Series 

When my favourite YouTube said she was releasing a book I was SO happy! I love Zoe so I had to buy her first book ‘Girl online’. I was a tad apprehensive as I was 19/20 when this book came out and I was unsure as to whether or not it would be too young for me but it 100% was not! I was hooked and I’m sure I read it in a couple of days and the same happened when she released her next two in the series. I must admit I’m quite said that there’s not another book in the series but who knows what she’s working on! Fingers crossed for more Zoella books in the future!

Jennifer Niven – All the Bright Places (my current book) 

Now I found this book thanks to Zoella’s book club with WH Smith where she reads and reviews her favourite books. I spent ages looking through WH Smith to try and find a book I’d wanna read and then I came across this one and I decided to pop
It in my basket and give it a read. I’m currently about half way through and the book is so out of my comfort zone but I love it. Yes there’s a love story in it but behind the lines, there’s a darker, more real meaning of mental health issues and I cannot wait to finish reading this one!

I would to hear your recommendations for a great read! I want to try and step out of the chick lit/romance/cute stories and maybe read something that’s a tad more age appropriate! Leave them down below in the comments or tweet me (@volcanologyblog) and we can share our favourite books/authors!

P.S.. here’s a sneak peak at my bookshelf and three books I purchased today for £5 – bargain!

Let me know if you want a review on these last three, speak soon!


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