American Road Trip

I have been lucky enough to go on holidays ever since I was young with my family. Every year we’d pack our suitcases for two weeks and head to popular holiday destinations – Spain, Tenerife, Tunisia, Turkey and Cyprus to name a few (my Nan is scared of flying longer than 4 hours, hence the European destinations) but in 2015, my university course gave me the trip of a lifetime.

One of the module during second year focused on human and physical geography in South West USA, so to go alongside the classroom work, they organised a field trip. 12 days, 3 states and endless national parks later, we’d seen a majority of South-West USA that some people wouldn’t even see in their lifetime. Now for the fun part, where we went and what we saw so let’s dive right in!

Lake Mead 
A drying up lake on the Colorado river which is helping states cope with the drought in the south-west.

Sunset Crater 
A dormant volcano in Arizona, now a national park with endless trails and walks around the volcano. Here we took part in a fun activity which made us ‘Junior Park Rangers’. I’m sure it was designed for kids…

Route 66
We drove down both the old and new Route 66 through Arizona!

Grand Canyon 
Need I say any more? When we awoke on the morning of spending a day there, it has snowed and was still snowing. Not many people can say they saw the Grand Canyon in the snow! Unfortunately, we didn’t get to do half of the stuff we wanted to but luckily, my friends and I decided to wake up and go watch the sun rise over the Grand Canyon as we stayed in cabins quite close to the canyon and it was so worth it.

Monument Valley 
We next travelled towards Monument Valley and here we changed time zones (most confusing thing ever). After spending a few hours exploring the museums and trails there it was time to carry on our drive and we drove up the road in Forest Gump, and yes, we all did our best impressions…


A beautiful city in the heart of Utah. We spent a couple of days here as a ‘base camp’ as there was a few things in the area that we wanted to see. Whilst we were here, we visited Arches National Park, explored tourism in the city and went white water rafting in the Colorado River which was incredible.

Arches National Park
This is a national park that is known for its thousands of sandstone, natural arches. We spent the day here walking to the famous Delicate Arch and this walk was not for the faint hearted – very scary!

Bryce Canyon
Again, another canyon that we could walk all down and had certain points we had to reach whilst walking – I never knew how fun walking trails could be until after this trip!

Zion Nation Park

This is quite possibly one of the most beautiful national parks in the world. Waterfalls, trails, restaurants and even its own village, Zion is just beautiful – I honestly cannot find any more words to describe it and I would 110% recommend it to anyone.

Las Vegas
My favourite city. We spent 3 nights here and as much as we had work to do we spent our days exploring the strip, shopping and having fun. I honestly cannot explain the buzz of walking down the Las Vegas strip and heading into the hotels, it is a once in a lifetime experience. While we were there we went shopping at a massive mall, saw the Las Vegas sign, ate allll the food and went on the rides at the top of the Stratosphere hotel and this was so worth it.


That is the end of the road trip! I would hands down say that this was the best trip I have ever been on (I went to China in 6th form and it beat that) and would recommend anyone that goes to Northampton Univeristy and studies geography to go on the trip.

What’s on your American road trip?


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