Christmas Decoration Wishlist | Day 1

Hello everyone and welcome to my crazy idea of ‘blogmas’! Now I’m not doing blogmas as such as I do not have the time but I’m gonna (hopefully) be posting twice a week with Christmas content and then from the 18th – everyday will be Christmassy! Let’s hope I can pull it off and here is my first post.. a Christmas decorations wishlist!

*all pictures are from websites that I have linked*Β 

First up, I love Christmas. As soon as Halloween (which I don’t like) is over BAM I am in the Christmas spirt so I have been dying to put up our tree and decs! As this goes live we will be decorating our flat! Here’s a picture of our tree from last year in our old flat and I’m excited to buy some more decorations and lights and make everything so cosy!

First up on my Christmas decor wishlist is this bedding set. I love buying new bedding and all of the Christmassy ones are so cute! I saw this and was like yes, I need it! Asda have some amazing bedding in for the Christmas season and they are so affordable and wash well! I need this!

Next, is this adorable cushion which kinda goes with the bedding but even if it doesn’t it’s so cute and glittery! My boyfriend’s favourite animal is a penguin and considering our flat is full of elephants, a change at Christmas might be good!

I then ventured onto the Primark website and couldn’t find what I was looking for! But I know they have a really cute gingerbread mug and some tree decorations that I would love to buy! I did however, come across these reindeer lights and thought they were ADORABLE! We have some snowflake ones from last year and you can never have too many fairy lights can you?!

I know for sure that I will head into Primark and find so much more than what is on their website so there may be a haul coming.. especially as I can head to Oxford Street Primark…

I then found all these tree decorations on the Wilko website and all for around the Β£1 mark – perfect! I will be buying so many more as there were loads on the website.. I’m so excited. Wilko are great for everything christmassy – decorations, wrapping, gifts there is so much in there!

So that’s all for my wishlist but I know there will be loads more items that I want to get that I will see as I am shopping. Decorating is one of the best things about December and Christmas, I can’t wait to put on Christmas songs and make our place look so cosy.

When are you putting up your decorations or have you already put them up?

Liz x


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