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I’ve recently started to follow more travel bloggers and I came across Charlie from wherecharliewanders and not only am I completely obsessed with her blog, I also fell in love with her most recent post about the Lonely Planet Top 500 Ultimate travel list so I just had to do the same one! Not only was it interesting to find out where I have been on this top 500 list, but also what is and isn’t included! Without further ado, lets get into the list…


4 – Great Wall of China

I visited here when I went to China in 2012 with 6th form and we spent a day walking the Great Wall.

6 – Grand Canyon

If you’ve read my post on my trip to America in 2015 (if not you can read it here), then you will know that a day trip and overnight stay in the Grand Canyon was part of my undergrad field trip. It snowed (typical) when we visited the canyon so it was an experience to say the least!


40 – Eiffel Tower

I’m saying I’ve visited the Eiffel Tower when I have, but that was over 10 years ago with school and whilst I remember it and the city, I still don’t have any lasting memories there so I desperately want to go back.

41 – Pompeii

This is the place that I have visited most recently, and is a must-see in my eyes. It really opens people’s eyes to the power of nature and just how devastating and destructive it can be.


84 – Monument Valley

Again, this was a stop on the road trip for my undergrad field trip and again, I would go back. That areas of the US has some incredible geology and formations that are a must-see. And it’s where Forrest Gump was filmed so…

88 – Forbidden City, Beijing

I feel quite privileged that I’ve been to Beijing and seen Forbidden City, not many 16 year olds could say that (I was 16 at the time) and it just shows you so much about the communist culture and the way of life. I would go back to China again as I’m older and wiser now so I think I would appreciate the history a lot more.

155 – Walt Disney World

The happiest place on Earth and it most definitely is. My dad took me and my sister when we were around 10 and it is still one of my most treasured memories. I am desperate to go back so fingers crossed I can.

160 – Terracotta Warriors

When I saw the warriors, it left me feeling the same as I did when I went to Pompeii and saw the casts, and I never would’ve thought about visiting these before I went on the trip. I think I may have to dig out the photos of this trip and write a blog post…

181 – Snowdonia

Who doesn’t love a field trip to Wales?! We climbed part way up Snowdon and spent a few days staying in a forest – nightmare. Funny story, I ripped my jeans whilst walking up Snowdon and had to wear the “borrowed over trousers”..

239 – Natural History Museum

I love the Natural History Museum! Not only does it have a massive section on volcanoes and earthquakes, it also takes you around everything and anything to do with history – and its free! Perfect way to kill time in London or on a rainy day.


281 – Eden Project

I have family who live in Devon, so I’ve been to the Eden Project a few times but not for many years. Its an interesting place and as its in the UK, its worth a visit.

431 – Paphos

Paphos was the location of our family holiday 2 years ago and whilst I can say I’ve been, I literally stayed n the hotel eating my body weight in food and drinking an unlimited supply of cocktails. Maybe next time I’ll explore more..


12 out of 500 isn’t too bad for someone who hasn’t travelled to that many places (jokes, its shocking) but I was quite surprised that I have been to that many. Have you visited any of the places on the Top 500 list?

Liz x


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  1. MyBlissfulAdventure says:

    I would LOVE to travel all over the world! I actually have a blog post about my top places I would love to travel and visit! check it out 😊

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