Three ways to Motivate yourself

Motivation can come in many forms and for many reasons, whether it’s studying for an exam, writing a blog post or just getting up in the morning, many people struggle with this (and more) every day. My current situation means every week I have 4 days off, sometimes in a row, sometimes split up with … Continue reading Three ways to Motivate yourself


An open letter to my brain

Dear Brain.. Where to start ay? Currently you are jumbled and I have no idea how we've made it to 23 years. You've gotten me through everything in life; parents splitting up, school, boys, a-levels, uni, bullying, work and everything else in between. Lets start from the beginning. When my parents split up, I think it … Continue reading An open letter to my brain

Book Tag

I recently read Jenny's book tag post and just had to do my own. I took some of the questions out and here are my 15 questions and answers! Reading is major passion of mine and there's nothing I love more than cosying up with a good book and I want to incorporate more reviews … Continue reading Book Tag